LLU Center for Fertility & IVF Staff

Staff | LLU Center for Fertility & IVF | Amanda KramerAmanda Kramer, Financial Manager

Amanda fell into the wonderful world of fertility in 2013, and she couldn’t be more grateful. She started off in the front office, but quickly moved up to the finance department due to her background and education in medical administration, as well as her experience as a licensed biller and coder.

Over the last five years in the field, her passion and joy for being a part of everyday miracles has grown immensely. Her goal for every patient (even a potential patient) is to be a personal educator and advocate for all things related to insurance and finance. She believes that assisting patients in understanding their benefits and/or financial responsibility is a key factor in lessening the stress and confusion of starting a fertility journey. A patient’s stress level is something Amanda always keeps in mind, because she understands that stress and fertility treatment are not friends!

As she tells every patient, “If you need me, call me, email me, whatever you need … and if I don’t have an answer, I will get you one!”

Lauren Flores

Lauren has been with Loma Linda as the front office representative since 2018.

Prior to joining Loma Linda, her expertise was focused on marketing as a marketing coordinator for four fertility practices. Lauren majored in hospitality management due to her love for people and providing service to others.

Being part of the Loma Linda Fertility team has been a wonderful experience for Lauren.

fertility staff | LLU Center for Fertility | photo of Rachel, RN

Rachel Velasquez, RN, BSN

Rachel is a registered nurse who received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from California Baptist University. She has been working at the Center for Fertility since 2016, following two years at the Loma Linda University Medical Center specializing in surgical oncology. Rachel has a passion for women’s health and fertility and enjoys working with women in the field of fertility immensely.

Rachel’s many responsibilities include helping patients during surgery (pre-op, circulating and post-op recovery), educating patients about their in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment cycles and medications, answering phones and questions, and following up on laboratory results.

During clinic hours Rachel assists the physicians in various procedures including intrauterine inseminations (IUIs), egg retrievals, embryo transfers and ultrasounds.

“Infertility is such a personal and profound struggle in any woman’s or couple’s life, and I feel fortunate to be a part of the process of making them parents and walking with them through the difficult journey.”

Monica Paniagua | LLU Center for FertilityMonica Paniagua, RN

Monica received her RN degree from San Bernardino Valley College in 2006 and has been with the LLU Center for Fertility since 2007. Her responsibilities include assisting the physicians with all procedures, including routine examinations, assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), surgeries, hysterosalpingograms, inseminations, and ultrasounds.

Telephone consultation and triage is a major function of her position with our Center, as is patient education about medications, procedures and appointments. Monica teaches basic physiology and medication administration to the patient and partner. She schedules, as well as explains, a complex series of follow-up appointments and medication protocols to the patient/couple.

Her position also involves carefully reviewing all charts, screening for current and abnormal laboratory results, seeing that all other preliminary testing is complete, and coordinating all schedules (patient, physician, laboratory personnel, anesthesia, and nursing) before initiating a cycle. Monica enjoys her position here and feels it allows her to have a close and intimate relationship with her patients during a challenging life experience.

fertility staff | LLU Center for Fertility | photo of Henrriette Nguyen-Zavala

Henrriette ‘Angie’ Nguyen-Zavala, LVN

Angie is a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) certified in intravenous therapy and has worked at the Center for Fertility since 2016.

She has years of experience in OB-GYN specialty care settings. At LLU Center for Fertility, she coordinates IVF cycle starts, schedules procedures and explains the IVF process. She orders and obtains prior authorization for fertility specialty medications and performs teaching for self-administered injections.

Angie also assists physicians with office visits and procedures such as ultrasounds, IUIs, egg retrievals and embryo transfers.

Angie is a medically certified translator in English and Spanish.

“I feel that I have the opportunity to make a profound difference in patients’ lives by understanding the medical science behind everything I do, but even more, to always be a nurse my patients can turn to for hope and support during difficult times.”

Staff | LLU Center for Fertility & IVF | Jule Tapia

Julie Tapia, RN

Julie is a registered nurse who has worked at LLU Center for Fertility since 2005, and plays a major role in patient education here at our center. Julie is the LLU Center for Fertility’s Egg Donor Coordinator and her many responsibilities include educating patients on their treatment protocols and infertility procedures.

She also provides medication education, orders patient medication, answers and triages phone calls, coordinates patient and center schedules for treatment cycles, and ensures that all required testing and paperwork is complete prior to initiating cycle starts.

Julie also assists physicians with various visits and procedures, such as ultrasounds, intrauterine inseminations, egg retrievals and embryo transfers (both pre- and post-op). Julie speaks with couples over the phone and through personal meetings. She is a flexible, creative and hard-working individual who is skilled in working in a multi-disciplinary setting.

*Some portraits are courtesy of Johnny C. Velasquez, photography studio.