LLU Center for Fertility Clinic Staff

Julie Tapia, RN, Egg Donor CoordinatorJulie Tapia, RN

Julie is a registered nurse who has worked at LLU Center for Fertility since 2005, and plays a major role in patient education here at our center. Julie is the LLU Center for Fertility’s Egg Donor Coordinator and her many responsibilities include educating patients on their treatment protocols and infertility procedures.

She also provides medication education, orders patient medication, answers and triages phone calls, coordinates patient and center schedules for treatment cycles, and ensures that all required testing and paperwork is complete prior to initiating cycle starts.

Julie also assists physicians with various visits and procedures, such as ultrasounds, intrauterine inseminations, egg retrievals and embryo transfers (both pre- and post-op). Julie speaks with couples over the phone and through personal meetings. She is a flexible, creative and hard-working individual who is skilled in working in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Monica Paniagaua, RN, Quality Management CoordinatorMonica Paniagua, RN

Monica received her RN degree from San Bernardino Valley College in 2006 and has been with the LLU Center for Fertility since 2007. Her responsibilities include assisting the physicians with all procedures, including routine examinations, assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), surgeries, hysterosalpingograms, inseminations, and ultrasounds.

Telephone consultation and triage is a major function of her position with our Center, as is patient education about medications, procedures and appointments. Monica teaches basic physiology and medication administration to the patient and partner. She schedules, as well as explains, a complex series of follow-up appointments and medication protocols to the patient/couple.

Her position also involves carefully reviewing all charts, screening for current and abnormal laboratory results, seeing that all other preliminary testing is complete, and coordinating all schedules (patient, physician, laboratory personnel, anesthesia, and nursing) before initiating a cycle. Monica enjoys her position here and feels it allows her to have a close and intimate relationship with her patients during a challenging life experience.

Nina Cook, Financial Coordinator

Nina is the financial coordinator and has worked at the LLU Gynecology and Obstetrics Department and recently at the Center for Fertility and IVF.

She works with patients to answer questions about insurance coverage and treatment costs, and often makes suggestions that help maximize their coverage for infertility-related visits and procedures.

Nina is also responsible for scheduling surgeries, and will assist patients in understanding their insurance coverage for surgery. She also coordinates patient visits for testing and pre-anesthetic screening prior to the actual surgery date.

Deanna Almanza, Senior Patient Service RepresentativeDeanna Almanza, Senior PSR

Deanna is a front office patient service representative and has worked at LLU Center for Fertility since 2001. She answers phones and patient questions, greets and checks in patients for their appointments, and assists with scheduling appointments. Deanna also helps with billing and checking patient insurance coverage.