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Dr. Bareh and her wonderful staff are the best. Dr. Bareh took the time to review my case individually and with a personal touch that we appreciated. She made sure we understood our options and the risks and benefits of each choice. She did not treat me like a number, but like an individual. She respected our faith and never dismissed it. She made sure I treated my whole body well so that it was optimal for conception. She took all the tests needed to make sure my medications were prescribed with the right dosages.

Our IUI procedure was successful on the first session and we are currently 13 weeks pregnant with our precious angel. If you are having difficulty conceiving and need expert, gentle assistance do not wait any longer – call and make your appointment today. I would not hesitate to return to her for future children and encourage you to trust her too! Thank you Dr. Bareh and staff! May God continue to richly bless your every step and every patient you get to treat!

-M. P.

Dr. Bareh and her team at the Center for Fertility have been so responsive and helpful in walking us through our pregnancy journey. We are so thankful for their care and understanding throughout our time here.

-F. Y.

Dr. Bareh, and her team at Loma Linda Center for Fertility & IVF are seriously the best!

They are so knowledgeable, compassionate and efficient! I could never say enough good things about them and how happy I have been with their service!

Dr. Bareh and her nurses have patiently walked us through our fertility journey. Taking time to address all our concerns and questions with grace and compassion. She never rushes through an appointment and always makes you feel like you are her top priority. She is gentle and kind, with an excellent bedside manner. Her knowledge and expertise in her field truly show through and have brought me so much comfort during this journey! How awesome is it knowing you’re being cared for by someone at the top of their field?!? Above all else, the sense of HOPE that she instilled in us was incredible!!! Thank you Dr. Bareh!

-J. G.

We went to Dr. Bareh after seeing excellent reviews and we couldn’t be any happier for making that decision. Dr. Bareh and her nurses are awesome. Monica, Rachel, Julie always called me in with a smile and made sure I knew exactly what my instructions were before leaving. Lauren is the front face of the office and is a sweetheart and always easy to talk too. We highly recommend Loma Linda Center for Fertility to anyone wanting to reach their dream of becoming a parent. Thank you, Dr Bareh, for being so caring and wanting the same thing we all desire. Thank you for sharing the joy with us. We can truly feel your honesty and how much you love what you do. Thank you for giving us that dream of being pregnant with our miracle baby.

-C. M.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bareh and her team. I have been a patient of hers for less than a year and am already pregnant. Her medical knowledge and personable demeanor is very comforting and assuring. She has always taken the time to listen to any concern I have, questions I ask and just personal life matters. I have never felt like any of my visits were rushed or unimportant to her. The nurses and staff get back to me usually within a couple of hours the same day. I can honestly say I am so grateful for meeting her and becoming her patient. I truly believe she loves her profession, being a part of changing someone’s life and making dreams come true. Thank you Dr. Bareh.

-D. B.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bareh for a couple of years now, and I can confidently say that she is the best!  Not only is she very knowledgeable and experienced, but she is also very caring, kind and  approachable.  From day one she made me feel comfortable and gave me hope that one day I would get pregnant (which is so important to anyone having difficulty).

Her expertise helped us successfully get pregnant! I highly recommend this center and doctor to anyone who has difficulty getting pregnant! All of the staff in this office, including nurses and front desk receptionists, are amazing. They always greet you with a smile and try to accommodate you as much as possible. You will always feel welcomed and cared for!

-A. N.

My husband and I would definitely recommend this fertility clinic to anyone wanting to have baby, and we’re fortunate enough to have Dr. Bareh taking care of us. From the initial visit, Dr. Bareh was very thorough in taking our history and asking us in detail what we would want for our future plan. After each visit and each lab, she would personally call and follow up with me, suggesting treatments that we should take. Because Dr. Bareh is an endocrinologist and obstetrician/gynecologist, she knew exactly what we would need to have a baby.

After just three visits, we’re lucky enough to have a positive pregnancy test, and we followed up with Dr. Bareh until the tenth week of pregnancy before switching over to our regular OB/GYN. We’re so blessed to have Dr. Bareh treating us, and we would highly recommend Dr. Bareh to anyone wanting to have a kid.

-J. D.

Dr. Bareh is such a wonderful individual. She is such an attentive and intelligent doctor and is always ready to answer all of your questions and provide reassurance … I am so comfortable with her as my doctor. She provides a calm environment every time I visit. The staff is also very friendly and polite.

-O. O.

I decided to see Dr. Bareh based on reviews, and I am so glad we did. She is truly an angel and loves her job. She is so compassionate and caring with all her patients … She always explained everything she was doing very thoroughly, answered all of our questions and never rushed out of the room even if she had a full waiting room. Her attention is fully dedicated to each and every one of her patients.

Monica, who was the nurse we mainly dealt with, was so helpful and always made us feel at ease. We are now currently 12 weeks pregnant thanks to Dr. Bareh!!! You made our dream come true. Thank you!

-C. W.

The staff are professional, but more importantly, they are so caring. I feel like I can trust them to guide me. I could say a million wonderful things about Dr. Bareh. I’ve recommended this facility to friends and would recommended it to anyone looking for assistance.

-K. D.

I went online, requested an appointment, and to my surprise a few days after, Dr. Bareh personally called me, spoke with me and asked me to call the office, speak with Deanna and make an appointment. I told myself I will work with this doctor. She was warm and sounded very caring on the phone.

We met Dr. Bareh, and she displayed a high sense of professionalism, very caring and detailed. Dr. Bareh, her nurses and Deanna have been extremely helpful and we have had an awesome experience with them. We have our first baby on the way, and we cannot be grateful enough to Dr. Bareh and team.


Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Snapshot

Dr. Bareh was very thorough, dedicated and compassionate from the initial visit. We are very grateful to have had her and the staff at LLU Fertility Clinic during our fertility journey. We have a beautiful and healthy son thanks to Dr. Bareh and her team!!!

-Grateful and blessed Mom

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Snapshot

Everything was really efficient and very organized. Dr. Bareh is great. She went over everything in detail with us. She had a great bedside manner. We never felt rushed and we were always allowed to ask as many questions as we wanted and she would answer all of them happily. We were very pleased that we chose to see her.

-Mr. & Mrs. Moshiri 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Snapshot

I’m not a blogger or a poet so my words couldn’t do them the justice they deserve, but I am so thankful for their kindness and professionalism. This center will be the best decision you can make for your family.

-N. Z. 

My regular insurance is through another major company, and we had to pay out of pocket for our treatment. My wife and I cannot be happier that we chose Loma Linda University Center for Fertility.

Dr. Bareh along with her nurses, Angie and Rachel, are amazing. Dr. Bareh is very patient and took all the time necessary to answer any and all of our questions every single visit. She has a very patient and calm energy that comes through every interaction that we had with her. No matter how many people were in the waiting room we always felt that we were her only concern during our appointments. Dr. Bareh and her nurses patiently walked us through every single step in our fertility journey. We never felt like we were lost. We never felt like we were being ignored. We always felt like we were an absolute priority for them no matter how small the request or question. My wife and I cannot thank Dr. Bareh enough. She was literally having contractions for her own third child DURING my wife’s egg retrieval procedure (she gave birth the next day!). We are expecting our first child and look forward to working with Dr. Bareh and her staff for our second (or more) child as well.

-B. H.

I wasn’t sure if my body would even allow me to be pregnant because of all of my health issues, but they spent so much time with me. They prepared me and watched me closely to see if any changes needed to be made. The doctors, nurses and receptionists are all very nice. I am now carrying a baby and am very thankful for their services.

-D. B.

Working with Dr. Jacobson was a great experience! He was very kind and warm to us even in our darkest time. I have never met a doctor like him. I would recommend him to anyone who is having fertility issues. The rest of the staff was also amazing, and I don’t have any complaints. We were treated so well, and I am thankful to this staff for all they tried to do for us.

-Nick Lenga 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Snapshot


At Loma Linda University Center for Fertility, you know that not only is your family rooting for you but also the doctors and the staff are cheering for you and making you feel like family. I want to thank Dr. Jacobson for helping us on our journey to parenthood.

Dr. Jacobson’s bedside manner was amazing, and he was very sympathetic to our questions and concerns. He didn’t candy-coat things for us, but he didn’t say it harshly either. He was very honest in his thoughts and opinions, which we appreciated. You can Google all you want but you won’t get the answers that you need. We came to him for answers and he gave them to us. Anytime I had questions, even after hours, someone was always there to answer my questions. Nine out of 10 times it was Dr. Jacobson himself, even if he was not on call. He made sure my concerns were dealt with – you just don’t find doctors like that anymore.

We may not have had a child with our DNA, but we were able to become parents thanks to Dr. Jacobson. He first helped us medically and then emotionally when he shared his journey of adopting a child internationally. On February 2, 2015, we were able to hold our daughter for the first time. We were finally parents. She is the joy of our life and the most amazing human being on the planet. She was meant to be from the beginning, but IVF was the road we needed to take in order to get her.

We are so thankful for the Center for Fertility for being there for us and helping us and guiding us. Even though it wasn’t the outcome we expected from IVF, it was the outcome we needed to hold Mya Grace. We are now in the process of adopting our second daughter from China, and then our family will be complete.

-Yesnia Lenga 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Snapshot

We are pregnant with twins thanks to Dr. Bareh! My husband and I tried for years before coming to Loma Linda for IVF. This process is emotionally draining, but Dr. Bareh and the team of nurses made this process comfortable and encouraging. Each member of the team showed concern for us throughout the process, made sure we were comfortable with our injections and spent the time to get to know us. The embryologist treated our embryos like they were hers. She gave us a call each day and on the transfer day was so excited to show us their growth. It was wonderful to see how much she cared for our embryo development. We felt like part of the family when we left.

The Loma Linda staff celebrated with us when we received our positive pregnancy test and when we discovered twins on our first ultrasound. It is really important to have a supportive team during this journey, and you will find that here. Dr. Bareh was always up front and honest with us to ensure that our outcome was ideal. She knows what she is doing, so if you want to get pregnant see this wonderful woman.

-E. G.

Thanks to the caring team at LLU Fertility I am watching my sweet, beautiful baby girl take a nap. She is 5 months old and an absolute JOY AND BLESSING! Dr. Bareh is so knowledgable, talented, and caring. I can’t say enough good things about her and this clinic. We struggled with fertility and genetic issues (short story), but through God and the talents of this caring medical team, we are now a family.

Please don’t wait any longer to contact Dr. Bareh! Make your dreams come true.

-A. J.

Me and my husband are very glad we chose to come here for treatment. We saw Dr. Bareh & she has been a blessing to our lives. She helped us out with all of our treatment that was needed. She is an amazing Dr. … after trying for 5 years to get pregnant, with her help we are now blessed with twins! :)

We couldn’t be any happier for this amazing new journey in our lives. I really recommend this clinic. Staff is really friendly & caring!

-J. G.

I have had a very good experience here. Deanna at the front desk always checks me in with a smile, answers my calls and gets me the appointments I need. My work up with Dr. Bareh was scheduled quickly as were all my follow ups. I never waited long in the office and she always answered all my questions … as crazy or repetitive as they may have been.

Being a fertility patient is hard, so having questions and getting answers is important. She has a kind nature. She even requested I bring our baby in once it’s born because it’s rewarding to see the result of our time with her. I am not an IVF patient. I suffered recurrent losses so we needed her for diagnosis, advice and monitoring of our next try, which has been successful so far! I’m thankful for a Dr. and an office that wants to stay on top of the situation, get you in quickly when possible and spend adequate time with you.

-C. P.


Dr. Bareh has been kind, caring and upfront with this whole process. Her staff is just as caring and supportive and available to answer any questions. They’ve made me feel comfortable during all procedures and exams.

T. T.

The staff and doctors at LLU Fertility Center are amazing. My wife and I were cash patients through Kaiser. We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bareh, Dr. Wei, Dr. Corselli (embryologist) and Evelyn (clinical embryologist). We’re always treated with compassion, timeliness and thoroughness.

The overall staff is terrific, but my wife developed a special bond with nurse Angie. Her follow up and directions (how to do the shots, lots of shots) were always top notch. We highly recommend anyone who is in need of fertility treatments to use LLU Fertility Center. Although not always the case, we were successful first time with a twins pregnancy! Great job, Evelyn, on choosing our embryos!!!

D. T.

I would give Dr. Bareh and her team six stars if I could!

Infertility was one of the greatest struggles I’ve ever faced, and I can very confidently say that if I ever had to do it all over again, Dr. Bareh would be my first call! She is professional, knowledgeable, kind and clearly passionate about her work. I am VERY proud to say that my beautiful twin girls were created at the hands of the Loma Linda Fertility staff. Should you find yourself struggling to conceive, LLU is the only option in my opinion.

In addition to the kindness and positivity the LLU team brought to my situation, they also offer very reasonable prices for their fertility services. And anyone can tell you, this stuff gets expensive!

-A. Z. 

The Loma Linda University Center for Fertility & IVF is wonderful. Although they have great statistics, they truly care more about listening to their patients and choosing the right treatment for them than their numbers.

I saw Dr. Bareh on every visit except for simple blood draws. She is kind and compassionate, but forthright. I’m definitely going back if I choose to have another child.

-K. M. 

I am so thankful we found Doctor Bareh‘s office. My husband and I have been trying to have more children for the past seven years. We had gone to three other fertility doctors without success. Doctor Bareh listened to our story and gave us the best option for us. She was very professional, caring and easy to communicate with. She was there through every step of the process and listened to every concern we had. We enjoyed the whole process.

The nurses were very friendly and ladies at the front desk were very kind and professional, especially Dianna, she helped us through our insurance side of the process. I got an answer every time I called and needed to talk to a nurse about any concerns or upcoming appointments.

I highly recommend Dr. Bareh and her staff. We are now 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. We have been praying for so many years and we are thanking the Lord for this blessing.

E. C.

Dr. Bareh and the entire staff are amazing. I highly recommend them. They helped us through a hard, frustrating process and made a miracle happen.

-D. S. 

Dr. Bareh is awesome, she is very personable and realistic. My wife and I are glad we made the decision to come here. Her staff is top notch and if we had any questions they completely explained them. When we are unable to talk to someone at the moment, they call back in a reasonable time frame. Our experience here has been great and we will recommend Dr. Bareh to friends and family in the future.

-O. T. 

Dr. Bareh is open to examining failed cycles and trying new options. She seems to love her job and is very interested in helping couples successfully navigate their options to become a parent.

-J. S. 

We were heartbroken when we found out that we could not have children naturally. But Dr. Bareh coached us through every step, and had unconditional support. She would call after hours just to check up and give us words of encouragement. After two unsuccessful IVF transfers, and a cancelled cycle, we are now expecting our baby! A little boy!

-L. J.

My wife couldn’t get pregnant; we went to a hospital and they told us that she couldn’t have a baby so we went to Loma Linda fertility with Dr. Bareh. We told her our situation. She is one of the most understanding doctors and so nice, she made my wife have hopes. We went ahead and did all the procedure, now my wife is pregnant thanks to God and Dr. Bareh. I do recommend this hospital. Do not lose hope. Thank u DR.

-S. A. 

I loved my experience with Loma Linda Fertility. I am so thankful to all of the staff. Dr. Bareh listened to me and was very knowledgeable and calming. She took a very scary and stressful situation and helped me through it. The nurses I spoke with were kind and I feel they did an amazing job.

-S. W. 

To undergo infertility is unknown and intimidating, no matter how much you read or thought you prepared yourself. Thankfully, we’ve had success and are expecting, thanks so much to the help of the LLU fertility center. The physician and staff at LLU fertility center did an excellent job in helping us through the process. They were always quick to respond to phone calls and questions. The physician would call herself to answer any questions and even to check up on me after a procedure. The front desk staff is patient and helpful when helping one navigate through insurance issues and payments. I definitely recommend their care.

-S. K. 

My husband and I started our IVF journey at LLU because of the reputation it has always held for being an exemplary facility. Infertility is a very scary and daunting endeavor and now that our struggles to conceive have ended, I can honestly say that choosing LLU was the best decision we could have made.

Not only is the staff professional and knowledgable, but we have always felt that they were really rooting for us. And any infertile couple can tell you, that means the world. Many people go through this struggle feeling alone, but thanks to the doctors and nurses who helped us along our journey, all we felt was kindness and love.

Dr. Bareh is one of the sweetest people we’ve ever met. She really takes time out of her busy schedule to help and actually make the phone calls herself, be it good news or bad.

I don’t ever want to deal with infertility again, but if I had to travel down this road one more time I would not hesitate to call Dr. Bareh and the LLU staff. My husband and I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve given us!

-A. Z.

From start to finish, EVERYONE in the clinic was compassionate, courteous and knowledgeable. They went above and beyond to make sure that I understood everything going on with the process, and that I felt like part of a family. Drs. Jacobson, Bareh and Corselli all do exemplary work. My treatment was successful, and I will be forever grateful to them.

-C. C.

My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for 5 years. We have had 2 failed pregnancies and 8 failed IUI attempts at Kaiser before we were recommended to LLUFC for IVF treatment. Our first impression was excellent. The front office staff was very helpful. All the nurses and doctors were always attentive to my husband’s and my needs and questions. We went through with the 1st cycle and retrieved 15 eggs. 13 eggs were fertilized and 7 made it to transfer day. We transferred 2 embryos and 5 are frozen. I am currently pregnant with TWINS. The overall experience was wonderful.

-C. P. 

Dr. Bareh is attentive, caring and calm. The nursing staff responds promptly to messages that are left for them, and seem to be in constant and detailed contact with the doctors. The front desk could use an additional staff member, since there always seem to be either lots of patients or lots of phone calls. But otherwise, I have had nothing but good, comprehensive, thoughtful care from this office.

-K. N.


Dr. Bareh walked me through what is already a very intense process. I appreciated her bedside manner and her honesty throughout the process. It was a bittersweet day when we “graduated” to our OB after the success of conceiving our son. If we need to go through this process again I would not hesitate to return to this clinic.

-E. S. 

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 4 years on our own and another year with fertility meds. When that didn’t work we went to Loma Linda Fertility Center to try IVF. The first attempt didn’t work – through no fault of the clinic; we had some other medical issues. After our second attempt I am thrilled to say we are currently 24 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! We worked with Dr. Bareh the entire time and she was wonderful. I can’t say enough about her or the amazing nurses we worked with. No matter where we were in our cycle or how nervous and full of questions we were, my husband and I were always made to feel important and cared about. There were a few times when I needed Dr. Bareh or one of the nurses after hours and they were always there without question. IVF is incredibly emotional for both mom and dad-to-be and the fertility center was always sensitive to that; and when we finally got our dream and became pregnant, Dr. Bareh celebrated right along with us. Even now, as I’ve been transferred to my regular OB, Dr. Bareh still calls to check in and see how everything is going. We can’t wait to introduce her to our little miracle.

-C. B. 

Dr. Bareh and the nurses at Loma Linda University Fertility Center are wonderful! My husband and I were always made to feel special and important. They supported us with our lows and celebrated with our successes. Thanks to Dr. Bareh and her team we are 24 weeks pregnant!

-C. B.

They take their time and really care about your fertility. I had a very positive experience at LLU fertility center and would recommend it to anyone truly seeking help with starting their family.


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Dr. Bareh did everything she could to help us get pregnant the most natural way possible and she was successful! We are so grateful and excited for what the future holds. Don’t lose hope, keep the faith, it will happen.

-Happy Soon To Be New Mom 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Snapshot

Staff is very professional. They were helpful every step of the way.

-Melissa C. 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Snapshot

After five years of trying to get pregnant, with Dr. Bareh’s help, we were finally able to conceive and are so blessed and excited! Dr. Bareh helped me to understand my issues and clearly explained our options to us, and Dr. Ko was excellent in guiding my husband through his issues and the process as well. If you have not had success in getting pregnant, or tried at another clinic and it did not work, try LLU Fertility, you won’t be disappointed :-)

-T. G.

I have seen Dr. Bareh about five times already. She is awesome. Very caring and deals with you as one of her family members. She is very knowledgeable and has excellent clinical judgement. I am so glad that I am seeing her. Only one thing that the front office staff don’t tell you is that there is a female provider unless you ask her (Deanna). She should inform patients upon calling to schedule an appointment. I am so glad I did!



Dr. Bareh actually called me back and my husband and I went in for a consultation. Dr. Bareh is very nice and has a great bedside manner! She also asked us several times if we have any questions and she would answer/explain them clearly and patiently in details. My husband and I will continue seeing Dr. Bareh for fertility treatments. Thank you!

-K. H. 

I have a condition where I had to do two retrievals before my first transfer. I saw Dr. Bareh for my second. I highly recommend this IVF clinic because their doctors, embryologists, and nurses are all supportive, caring, and patient-centered. They always treat you as an individual, not just another patient. Each patient is truly special here. My husband and I are happily expecting twins and it’s all because of the special and dedicated work done at this facility.

-A. S.

We had such a great experience with Dr. Bareh and all the other staff!! They went above and beyond for us!! I would recommend them to my family and friends!!


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I was a patient of Dr. Bareh’s for about 18 months and had many different procedures and cycles before achieving success. Fertility issues are such a sensitive situation to find yourself in and then you factor in the medications required for a cycle and your emotions can get the better of you. But the nurses and doctors are incredibly kind and professional – making an overwhelming process possible. I am blessed to have been referred here and hope that my pregnancy continues to be healthy. We would have never had the chance to become parents without the help of Dr. Bareh, Dr. Corselli and their amazing team.

-J. W. 

I couldn’t offer enough praise for the wonderful staff at LLU Center for Fertility. Dr. Bareh reached out to me via phone or email anytime I had any questions. Thankfully, my husband and I were able to conceive naturally after four months of testing and medication. Had we not been able to conceive on our own, Dr. Bareh had us prepared to move onto the next step. Our baby boy is due in November, and we couldn’t be happier! Dr. Bareh is highly recommended, as she is knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with.


Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

I have met with Dr. Bareh a couple times already and she has been so helpful and supportive. There have also been times where I have messaged her and she has always been very quick to respond to my concerns/questions! I have always been happy with the care I’ve received at Loma Linda and this is no exception.


First off, I don’t write reviews; typically don’t have time. But fertility and trying to have a baby is worth logging in and writing my thoughts. My wife and I had been trying to conceive with IUIs (3) and naturally for five years; primary reproductive endocrinologist is at Kaiser (Dr. Fong – AMAZING Doc); we knew going into treatment that IVF is expensive but didn’t have the money to pay for it.

Then we were referred to LLU Center for Fertility and IVF by our Kaiser doc and it is a decision that we will never regret for the rest of our lives. Dr. CorselliDr. Bareh and the team of nurses are top-notch, caring, incredibly knowledgeable, and compassionate. Most important for our situation is that they are all CONFIDENT in their craft and make you feel hopeful and informed the whole way through. Regardless of our outcome (pregnant or not-pregnant), this was the right choice for us.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is what I think of the facility: it’s like walking into a high school. Older building with 1990s tile everywhere. The exam rooms are not state of the art and the procedure room looks outdated. As a man, the room which I gave my samples was not amazing. BUT everywhere you look is clean, neat, and well taken care of. The point is that the doctors and nurses work to get you pregnant and are focused on your care, which is exactly what we experienced at this clinic. Don’t be discouraged by the decor or the age of the building – all that stuff doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Additionally, the embryologists will allow you to quickly examine the laboratory where your frozen embryos or fresh transfers are being staged and the room is amazing. We have no worries about our frozen embryos being in the best of care by Dr. Corselli and her team.

Please do not overlook this clinic for your reproductive needs. We drove six hours each day we had an appointment just to go to this place and attempt to get pregnant. It’s worth the trip every time.

-C. S. 

My husband and I found Dr. Bareh through a friend who said nothing but great things about her. Going into a fertility clinic is very scary, I didn’t know what to expect. But the moment I met Dr. Bareh, she put me at ease. She was so professional, had such good bedside manner and she gave us HOPE. She laid out all of our options, and wanted to treat us at our pace and comfort level. I literally got pregnant after just one visit with her and I am happily 23 weeks pregnant currently. She is my ray of sunshine.


I would recommend Loma Linda University Center for Fertility to anyone who wants to feel fully supported by their doctor and staff!

P.S. We just had our ultra sound and the doctor and nurse were just as excited for the results as we were! It felt like family with us there and not just some doctor office staff! Everyone at the Infertility Center made me feel like an important part of a great big family.

-Cherie C. 

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Everyone was great and always available to answer any questions or concerns I had.


Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

I found Dr. Bareh through a common friend who said nothing but great things about her. So I took a leap of faith. Now seeing a fertility doctor is scary, I didn’t know what to expect. Infertility is such a taboo subject, and I almost feel ashamed going. So stepping into the office, I honestly already felt defeated. Like I would never get pregnant, I wasn’t meant to be a mom.

The moment I met Dr. Bareh she was seriously like a ray of sunshine. Such good bedside manners. She made my husband and I feel so comfortable, answered all our questions, laid out all our options, and gave us HOPE. She wanted to work at our pace, and we wanted to be aggressive. So she said she will be as aggressive with treatment as we want. I literally got pregnant after seeing her once. And she followed me the entire first trimester, she held me my hand (not literally) through the process, and she made sure my baby and I were fine. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and Dr. Bareh is my shining light and my miracle. I don’t mean to be dramatic but she really is my guardian angel.

-A. L. 

My wife and I came to LLU after months of unsuccessful prior treatments. Dr. Bareh and the staff have been great! From our very first appointment Dr. Bareh greeted us with a warm smile and a wealth of knowledge. All our questions were answered and we were made sure of how to contact with any questions as we went though our treatment. Dr. Bareh took it an extra mile by personally calling after procedures to check up on my wife and see how she was feeling. You cannot ask for better treatment and care as she offers. Our treatment was successful and it was thanks to Dr. Bareh and the amazing staff at LLU.


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I had an amazing experience with Dr. Bareh and the staff here. I wish I could keep them as my doctor and nurses! Maybe I’ll work again with them for baby number two!


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This facility is amazing. I could have not asked for a better choice for helping with my hubby and my fertility issue. They have been amazing and very understanding and flexible with us. The office staff, nurses, and doctors are very compassionate and invested in their patients. They cry when we cry, they laugh when we laugh. I am excited to know they are more like family than just the doctors and nurses that helped us conceive.

-D. A. 

The Loma Linda University Center for Fertility is an exceptional group of compassionate individuals. I consistently experienced the highest level of patient-centered service. From the front desk to the back office, everyone was very responsive to my requests. Drs. Jacobson, Bareh and Corselli took a personal interest in our case. They went above and beyond to make sure we had the best chance of succeeding.

-Couple in Redlands

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I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Bareh! I’m pregnant now due to her expertise which I’m thrilled about, but I will miss her. I wish I could keep her as my OB.

-S. D. 

My nurse Joanna was amazing! She made me feel very cared for. She went above and beyond making sure that I knew she was my advocate. She protected my modesty at all times and really set me at ease. I have honestly never had a better nurse.


Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

The staff is consistently friendly and make you feel welcome when you are there! There is very rarely a wait…You are in and out in no time at all!

-Lauren H. 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

To start off… I am an employee of LLU and therefore many of my doctors are LLU doctors. I’m rarely disappointed in the care I receive and feel very fortunate to have such wonderful caring medical professionals in my community.

I noticed all of the bad reviews were before Dr. Gihan Bareh came on board to this clinic. She has been the doctor for my husband and I. My OBGYN who I adore, recommended her and I trust my OBGYN’s opinion very much. Needless to say, I have been SO impressed with this clinic. Everything has been streamlined and easy (well, as easy at IVF can be) and we were met with such compassionate care. The front desk is efficient, and all the nurses are so caring and helpful. We have been taken care of every step of the way, 110%! Dr. Bareh has wonderful bedside manner, she truly cares and is thorough. She even personally calls with lab results and to talk about her thoughts on treatment options. My egg retrial was also a good experience, the anesthesiologist Dr. Shannon Mulder was just wonderful, kind, and competent. I felt in SUCH good hands! This clinic is great, and I’m happy to report we have 16 fertilized eggs from just one round of IVF. We are so excited to hopefully be parents soon. Thank you to LLU and this clinic-you are making dreams come true!

-A. J. 

We appreciated the knowledge and bedside manner of Dr. Bareh. We were impressed with the doctor personally calling us with updates and results. After a year and a half of infertility, we are now happily expecting twins! Update: Our twin girls were born safe and healthy and are thriving. We highly recommend Dr. Bareh.


Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

Dr. Bareh was very knowledgeable and had a good, caring bedside manner. We were impressed that Dr. Bareh personally called us with updates, results or just to check in. After a year and a half of infertility, we are now happily expecting twins! We couldn’t be more pleased with our care and results at Loma Linda University Center for Fertility.

-M. R. 

This is actually one of the smoothest-running offices I’ve been to.


Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

My experience with Dr. Bareh is more than excellent. I have not met a physician who really cares about her patients as she does. She called us with lab results, discussed all plans with us. She is just wonderful… I know we will be successful in achieving pregnancy with her help and support. She is very knowledgeable, very professional. I highly recommend her for all my friends and family who have problems with fertility. Thank you Dr. Bareh and staff!!!


Dr. Bareh has excellent bedside manner and genuinely cares about her patients. I would definitely recommend the Loma Linda University Center for Fertility to anyone struggling to conceive. She goes above and beyond the call of duty in answering questions and in making sure patients feel comfortable and informed about their care.


Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

Dr. Jacobson and nurse Julie and all the staff were just so caring and wonderful in all aspects. Today thanks to God and Loma Linda University Fertility we have our beautiful baby girl!


Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

First I was seeing Dr. Jacobson and then I started seeing Dr. Bareh, Both were very kind and very knowledgeable. I was very happy and comfortable with the entire IVF process due to their professionalism and care. The nurses were kind and helpful as well.

– Vanessa S.

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

I had the BEST experience with Dr. Bareh she is a true angel, she is such a wonderful and caring person like you are her family member. I had two miscarriages in one year, my husband and I almost gave up on having babies until we met Dr. Bareh and her staff. I am telling you after meeting Dr. Bareh all of my dreams came true, she was so detailed in her exams and gave us so much hope that we had no doubt we would have our first baby with her. So after our initial visit with her, in less than two months I was pregnant. I called her office and her wonderful staff guided me to the next step. I am 17 weeks today and expecting a baby boy. This is such a wonderful time in our lives. I think about what would I do if I didn’t meet Dr. Bareh. Dr Bareh will always be in our lives, she has a very special place in my heart and also my husband’s heart as well. I would do everything to my power to introduce this wonderful doctor to anyone who is having trouble getting pregnant because once you get your positive pregnancy result you know what I am talking about. This was the best choice that I have ever made and I hope you would make this choice as well good luck and happy baby.

– B.B. 

Dr. Gihan Bareh – Great physician. Excellent bedside manners. Very professional. Spent a lot of time with her patients and answered all of my questions. She is very knowledgeable and highly experienced. We had our miracle baby with her great help and support. Highly recommend her for everyone who is going through the difficult journey of infertility!!

– J.K. 

Dr. Bareh is an excellent and knowledgeable doctor. She is very personable. She spent time to answer our questions. We felt very comfortable with her and her staff.

– Carla | Originally posted 11/3/2015 on Patient Satisfaction Survey

Doctors and staff are great! They’re always there for you every time you need something. Great job! I don’t know how they could improve.

– Anonymous 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

Great experience! Everyone is doing an excellent job already. I can’t ask for anything else.

– Anonymous 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

I feel so fortunate that I had Dr. Jacobson as my physician. He was so kind to me over the years I struggled to get pregnant. He always explained procedures and made me feel at ease. Thank you Dr. Jacobson! I also want to thank the nurses Monica and Julie for being professional and for answering all of my questions.

– Y.M. 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

We had the best experience with Dr. Gihan Bareh and her staff. Her bedside manner and professionalism combined with her expertise in the field of infertility and confidence has changed our lives dramatically. I am currently seven weeks pregnant and on my way to having a baby. Thank you Dr. Bareh and your wonderful staff for making our dream possible. We will always remember you, and you will always be a part of us. We wish you a wonderful long life.

There is always an angel that will come to you sometime in your life. Dr. Bareh has been our angel that has made our dream a reality. God bless you.

– Anonymous 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

Once our “plan” was in place, the financial person sat us down, went over line by line what our insurance was going to cover, and highlighted what each visit’s co-payment was going to be, as well as other out-of-pocket, plus her estimate on what the pharmacist’s portion would be.

Every visit, we were asked if we had questions, were encouraged to call as often as we needed to, and given instructions on how to administer meds, take care of myself, etc. We even had to put off our cycle by one month, and they gave us no grief whatsoever. We didn’t have high hopes of a successful outcome, because we’ve been infertile for 6 years.

We transferred in March and I’m expecting twins later this year. Loma Linda University Center For Fertility helped me be a mom again, and if you’re looking for QUALITY care in your search for fertility treatments, I highly recommend you consider them for a consultation. Thanks!

– Cortney J. 

Dr. Bareh and her nursing staff’s professionalism and compassion are unmatched. My husband and I were guided through the diagnostic and IVF process, and ultimately became pregnant through Dr. Bareh’s skills and our many prayers. We are forever grateful for this experience, and having a new baby to look forward to. The Center For Fertility is unmatched. I highly recommend this clinic and staff to anyone needing fertility services.

– Anonymous 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

Dr. Bareh is not only very qualified, but she really cares about her patients. She took time to listen to my questions and concerns. I could not have asked for a better doctor to help me with my infertility. Thanks again, Dr. Bareh.

– O.S. 

Submitted through our Patient Satisfaction Survey

My husband and I see Dr. Bareh, who just started here earlier this year. She has lots of qualifications, including an MD and a PhD, but she also has a very good bedside manner and really cares about her patients. She is patient and good at explaining medical issues. Love her!

– S.S. 

Went to see Dr. Jacobson for infertility issues. I was his patient for a year and a half. He is wonderful, very kind, and patient. He was realistic and helped my husband and I through very hard ups and downs of 4 failed IUIs. I would strongly recommend the fertility clinic at LLU and any of the doctors there. The nurses were awesome as well.

– Anonymous