Kaiser Permanente Insurance Coverage for IVF FAQ

Q: Do you accept Kaiser Permanente insurance for fertility treatment?

A: Yes, Kaiser patients who have IVF benefits will need to have an authorization from their Kaiser physician.

Q: Is the coverage the same for men and women?

A: Kaiser does require both male and female patients to have the majority of diagnostic testing, labs, and so on, done through Kaiser. Sperm extraction procedures are performed at a Kaiser location. Kaiser doesn’t have a Southern California IVF center where egg retrieval and embryo culture can take place, so we do that at our clinic.

My wife and I had been trying to conceive with IUIs (3) and naturally for five years; primary reproductive endocrinologist is at Kaiser (Dr. Fong – AMAZING Doc); we knew going into treatment that IVF is expensive but didn’t have the money to pay for it.

Then we were referred to LLU Center for Fertility and IVF by our Kaiser doc and it is a decision that we will never regret for the rest of our lives. Dr. Corselli, Dr. Bareh and the team of nurses are top-notch, caring, incredibly knowledgeable, and compassionate. Most important for our situation is that they are all CONFIDENT in their craft and make you feel hopeful and informed the whole way through. Regardless of our outcome (pregnant or not-pregnant), this was the right choice for us.

C. S.

Q: What does Kaiser cover and what is my financial responsibility?

A: Your responsibility depends on what treatment the physician recommends and the specific benefits of your plan’s coverage. It can range from a $100 copay all the way to 20 percent of all procedure costs. This is why your financial consultation with our center’s Financial Manager, Amanda Kramer, is so important, so she can inform you of how your specific treatment plan may be covered through your Kaiser plan benefits. Some plans require a copayment. Other benefit plans will require a 20 percent payment for all procedures.

Interested in learning more about treatment options at LLU Center for Fertility? Contact us at (909) 554-3003 or request an appointment today.

Q: Do you accept walk-in Kaiser insurance patients?

A: No. The only walk-in patients that are accepted from Kaiser are patients with an order for a semen analysis. All other appointments are on a scheduled basis.

Q: How much do I have to pay if my Kaiser benefit plan doesn’t cover IVF?

A: All services performed in our center are out-of-pocket expenses. Kaiser is an HMO and without authorization does not pay for any services outside of Kaiser.

The cost of an initial consultation at LLU Center for Fertility is $250, and treatment costs can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the treatment plan developed by our physicians and ultimately chosen by the patient.

My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for 5 years. We have had 2 failed pregnancies and 8 failed IUI attempts at Kaiser before we were recommended to LLUMC for IVF treatment. Our first impression was excellent. The front office staff was very helpful. All the nurses and doctors were always attentive to my husband’s and my needs and questions. We went through with the 1st cycle and retrieved 15 eggs. 13 eggs were fertilized and 7 made it to transfer day. We transferred 2 embryos and 5 are frozen. I am currently pregnant with TWINS. The overall experience was wonderful. 

C. P.

Q: If I am pregnant from the IVF procedure at LLU Center for Fertility, can I return to Kaiser for obstetrical care?

A: Absolutely! Our physicians encourage patients with Kaiser to have their first OB scan and set of labs in our center, but it’s not required. OB services at our center are paid out of pocket.

Q: What are the advantages of being at Loma Linda University Center for Fertility and IVF instead of another Kaiser-designated fertility center?

A: The first of many advantages of being seen here is that this is a one-stop shop. All services are provided at this location. Many private practices in the area are monitoring clinics, which means patients are required to drive long distances for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer. Also, standards are higher at a university medical center. Specialty-trained, licensed professionals work in the clinic and laboratories. Our team is fully dedicated to making your IVF cycle a success. Our reward is your return to the Center with a baby in your arms!

The staff and doctors at LLU Fertility Center are amazing. My wife and I were cash patients through Kaiser. We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bareh, Dr. Wei, Dr. Corselli (embryologist) and Evelyn (clinical embryologist). We’re always treated with compassion, timeliness and thoroughness.The overall staff is terrific, but my wife developed a special bond with nurse Angie. Her follow up and directions (how to do the shots, lots of shots) were always top notch. We highly recommend anyone who is in need of fertility treatments to use LLU Fertility Center. Although not always the case, we were successful first time with a twins pregnancy! Great job, Evelyn, on choosing our embryos!!!  

– D. T.

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