Personalize Your Care, Talk to Me Through Our Patient Portal

Using it empowers you to manage your own healthcare—and earns you a $100 discount on your first visit.*

Loma Linda Patient Portal

What everyone wants when they see a healthcare professional is personalized treatment. A large part of that expectation is meaningful communication—talking with your doctor or nurse about your condition, your concerns and your care options. That old fashion talking now has a high-tech element to it, our Patient Portal. It’s as immediate as texting us.

But federal regulations prevent us from using regular email addresses, text messaging and other forms of instant messaging to discuss personal health issues. That’s because none of these means of communication are considered secure ways to exchange your protected health information (PHI). Healthcare providers are required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect and secure your PHI. This is a very good thing.

Because of this need for secure communication of PHI, we have a completely secure online site that we can use to discuss your personal health issues and answer some of your questions, the patient portal. Studies have shown that patient portals can even increase quality and patient outcome.

Establishing this means of communication is so important to us that we’re willing to take $100 off the fee* for your first visit if you establish a logon at the Patient Portal before the first visit. We encourage our current patients to also sign up at the Patient Portal.

*(Available to self-pay patients only; discount does not apply to patients covered by insurance.)

Here’s what you can do via the Loma Linda University Patient Portal:

  • Access your health records, anytime
  • Communicate directly with your physician
  • See test results
  • Read medical notes on your visits
  • Schedule appointments
  • Request prescription refills

We can’t answer every question via the Patient Portal, especially if you are a new patient. Often we’ll ask that you come to the office for a regular office visit. Infertility treatment can be complex and we want to be absolutely sure that you understand our recommendations for diagnostic procedures and treatment; that often requires face-to face communication. But we’re available every weekday, and promise to do our best to get back to you within 24 hours when you send us an email via the Patient Portal.

Here’s how the portal works

If you are a new patient to Loma Linda Fertility Clinic, we’ll ask you for your email address when you make your initial appointment with our front office. We’ll use that email address to send you information that will allow you to register on the Loma Linda Patient Portal.

Registration requires the use of a unique code to allow you—and only you—to log onto the site. That code will be in the email that we send to your personal email address. The site will ask you to create a unique logon name and password.

Once you’ve logged onto the site, you’ll learn the name of the fertility doctor that you’ll soon be meeting at your first appointment. You can direct any questions or concerns to that doctor even before your first visit. This is a completely new option for most people receiving healthcare—talking to their physician before they actually see her or him.

We can’t answer every question you may send us via the Patient Portal because we don’t yet know you well. But we may be able to answer some general questions about what we’ll be doing at your first visit. Of course for current patients, we can discuss more aspects of their care via the Patient Portal.

If you’re a new patient and have logged on more than one week before your first visit, the doctor will send you a welcoming message and request that you fill out a personal history questionnaire that you can bring in with you at your visit. Having that questionnaire available will greatly reduce the time required for your visit, and make the time we spend with you more productive.

After your first visit, we’ll often use the Patient Portal to let you know the results of your initial tests, and make recommendations regarding the topics we should discuss when you return for your next visit.

At Loma Linda University Center for Fertility & IVF we believe you should have unrestricted access to your healthcare records on a platform that is as safe and secure as online banking. We also think you should be able to communicate more thoroughly with your healthcare professionals. Take the time to logon to our Patient Portal.