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What’s an REI? It’s a physician board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) – in other words, a specially trained fertility doctor. If you have a question related to infertility and its treatment, you want to ask an REI.

The REIs at Loma Linda University Center for Fertility & IVF are here to help. With over 100 years of combined clinical experience, our REIs are experts in treating infertility. And, the more informed you are about your fertility, the easier it will be to make smart choices about your health & family building plans.

This blog is a resource anyone can use to learn more about infertility and our clinic.

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Fertility after 42? You Still Have Options

Life doesn’t always go as planned. You may have wanted to have kids earlier, but pursuing a career or not finding the right partner may have put those plans on hold. Fortunately, there are still choices for women over the age of 42.

Is Natural Cycle IVF Your Best Option?

Though “natural” always sounds appealing, natural cycle IVF may not be as appealing an option as many people think. And we don’t usually recommend it for a variety of reasons, the primary reason being that it isn’t as effective as standard IVF – by far.